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What is Palliative Care?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines Palliative Care as:

“Active total care of the patients where disease is not responsive to curative treatments.” WHO

Palliative Care Queensland (PCQ) defines hospice and palliative care to mean a concept of care which provides coordinated medical, nursing and allied services for people who are terminally ill, delivered where possible in the environment of the person's choice, and which provides physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual support for patients, and support for patient's families and friends.  The provision of hospice and palliative care services includes grief and bereavement support for the family and other carers during the life of the patient and continuing after death.

The primary objective of hospice/palliative care is to enable people facing death:

  • to be as free as possible from unnecessary suffering (physical, emotional or spiritual);
  • to maintain their dignity and independence throughout the experience;
  • to be cared for in an environment of their choice;
  • to have their grief needs recognised and responded to, and
  • to be assured that their family's needs are also being met.

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